Fender Hot Rod Deville/Deluxe Mod & Volume Control

Straight from the horses mouth, here's the low-down on the all new Salvi Hot Rod Deville/Deluxe two channel mod...

Here dude.

A two channel volume control for the Fender Hot Rod Deville and Deluxe!

Have you ever noticed that the Deville is just way too loud for most applications?

The "sweet" spot on the clean chanel lives at about 5 or 6, but that's almost wide open on the Devilles non linear volume control.
This device is basically an outboard Master Volume that allows you to have the amp set at whatever volume you want without tearing your head off.

We have added a second volume control and 2 LED's ( green and red) so you can set the amp at the sweet spot for a rhythm volume and a second boost
volume without any modification to the amp at all.

But wait, theres more!

Deville amp mod

With some magic tweaks and new components, this mod adds more headroom on the clean channel.

There's more mid in the orange channel with less ugly fizz and more "Classic British Rock Tone" for want of a better term. This is way more rock and roll and solid sounding with richer harmonics than the stock Fender gain.

The Red channel is almost hyper gain and is too much for me personally, but if you like that, great!

In conjunction with the Salvi volume control, you can have 3 channels and 2 separate volumes for a total of 6 combinations.

Handbuilt 2 way volume control (complete with matching Fender control knobs!) $149.00AUD

Amp mods $199.00AUD