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Each instrument is unique and each player has different needs. At Salvi's we talk to you about your individual requirements for player and instrument, ensuring the best results.

Steve Salvi is a working musician who has expert knowledge about guitar playing, guitar building and guitar repairs and set ups. He knows (and cares about!) how to make your instrument play and sound it's best. At Salvi's we check each instrument for playability and quality before you take your instrument home. We will talk to you about any problems with your instrument and discuss solutions.

For a detailed quote on any custom modifactions or repairs, just bring your guitar in for an ‘over the bench' no obligation quote. Customers outside of Adelaide, please call on 08 8443 8272

Salvi Guitars electric strings. Nickel. $10.00 a pack
Salvi Guitars bass strings. Nickel/stainless $39.00 a pack
Set up. standard electric or bass $99.00 inc strings(add $30 for bass)
Set up. standard electric with locking trem $110.00 inc strings
Set up. nylon or steel string acoustic $95.00 inc strings(add $? for special strings)
New nut. Plastic. Fitted. (set up recommended) $40.00
New nut. Bone, composite or Graphite. Fitted. $60.00
New saddle. Bone or composite. Fitted. $50.00
Light Fret dress. Recrown and polish with set up $55.00
Fret dress. Level, recrown and polish with set up $105.00
Fretted to Fretless Conversion from $180.00
Refret. Rosewood, Ebony. Unbound from $280.00
Refret. Rosewood, Ebony. Bound from $320.00
Refret. Maple, with re-finish from $340.00
Basic electronics check and clean $20.00
Replace switch (3 or 5 way) from $30.00
Replace output jack from $15.00
Fit direct replacement pick up $35.00
Fit replacement pick up with routing from $60.00
Replace tuners on standard electric/bass or acoustic $40.00 + tuners
Reglue bridge. Acoustic. no pick up from $80.00
Repair broken headstock/neck. Repair only from $90.00
Repair broken headstock/neck. With refinish from $180.00
Pick up rewinds. Per coil from $60.00
BODY: Bolt on style
Disassemble $ 30.00
Stripping/sanding $140.00
Filling/priming $40.00
Painting/paint $220.00
Reassemble $40.00
NECK: Bolt on style
Stripping/sanding $50.00
Filling/priming $20.00
Painting/paint $100.00
Reassemble $15.00
  • Prices subject to change without notice
  • School and trade discounts available
  • Price list is a guide only. Many repair requirements vary however at Salvi's we provide accurate quotes upon seeing the instrument.
  • Prices are GST inclusive and are labour charges only
  • Some repairs may not be listed

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