Les Paul Bridge Revival (updated!)

This one came in with an unusual bridge mod.

The original setup had a huge hunk of metal embedded in the body to which the bridge was screwed. Pretty good for sustain but added nearly an extra kilo!

Bridge removed, look at that hole...

...and what came out of it!

Nice fit, new mahogany. Could have left it like this but...

New veneer will mean a perfect finish

Nipped and taped

Clamp party

Coming along..


Edge finishing and tidying

Building the sunburst in stages..

Sunburst finished and ready for re-assembly. Go back to the top to compare the match to the original 'burst, this is pretty much how it would have looked when it rolled out of the factory. We thought about exposing it to UV and and adding wear, but then we figured, that's up to the player!

Twin P90's, new pickguard and a streamlined TOM bridge, this thing is ready to rip!