1925 CF Martin & Co Mandolin

This 86 year old mandolin arrived in dire need of a set up, fret level and recrown.

The action was high and the instrument was not behaving itself in general

After the fret level, I set the action on only 1 string in each course and used those slots as a guide to remove material from the top of the bridge.

Once the material was removed, the bridge needed to be recarved to get the string bearing edge back to a narrow width.

You can use a file, yes, but this shop machine is what gives the bridge a factory curve to the carve. I use this machine to make custom ebony replacement bridges and reproductions for
old Gibsons and Selmers, and mandolins.

This mandolin came up very well.

And here is Dylan, Mandolin player for Caliente guitar trio getting ready for his gig at WOMAD this year. Congratulations guys.